About Us

At Florida Organic Aquaculture, we offer an environmentally beneficial, delicious seafood alternative grown with the knowledge and advantage of industry-leading professionals. Our energy efficient, sustainable aquaculture techniques provide you with a tasty, healthy addition to your family's diet. Our shrimp are raised with the same care we put into creating our own family's' meals. We prize our strong core value of ensuring you are provided with the highest quality shrimp grown in the USA.

Based out of Fellsmere, Florida, our Happy Healthy Shrimp are raised at the most scientifically advanced aquaculture facility ever created. We are a proud member of the Indian River community, where environmental awareness and agricultural sustainability play a key role in everyday living. In our primary marketplace of South Florida, we are delighted to offer locally grown shrimp where the best quality seafood is in high demand.

We invite you to meet some of the key members of our team and learn more about the experience and commitment to quality that guides Florida Organic Aquaculture.

Clifford Morris is the President and Founder of Happy Healthy Shrimp, and the driving force behind our motto "If they aren't good enough for our family, they aren't good enough for yours." As a lifelong entrepreneur, Clifford has traveled the world and seen for himself the devastating effects of short-term, environmentally harmful agriculture and aquaculture practices. A native of South Africa, Clifford has long been interested in developing sustainable alternatives that will positively benefit our global health and future generations for years to come. 

After becoming aware of the growing need for more long-term, sustainable practices, Clifford visited numerous aquaculture facilities to meet top researchers and professionals. Through these exciting partnerships and Clifford's determination, Florida Organic Aquaculture developed into the environmentally beneficial, sustainable, family-oriented establishment we are today.



Adam Hernandez, a native Floridian and our Quality Assurance Manager, received his B.S. degree in Biological Sciences, with a Marine Specialization at the FOA-affiliated Florida Institute of Technology. He later graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with an M.A. degree in Biological Sciences.


Adam’s acute attention to detail helps ensure that FOA continues to provide our customers and community with exceptional quality, delicious shrimp.

Daniel Farkas received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Marine Affairs and Economics and later his Masters degree in Marine Affairs and Policy, from the University of Miami. After completing his studies, Daniel joined Open Blue Sea Farms, Inc., where he was promoted quickly throughout the company. He served as a key member of the design team that created Open Blue’s state-of-the-art fish hatchery.

Currently, Daniel plays a vital operations role at FOA in regards to processing, policy and protocol.

A native South African, Steven Morris travelled throughout Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean before establishing his home in the United States. His diverse background includes contract work in Holland, as well as experience with finance at Sirius Financial Navigation and business development with Mirzam Investor Green Card, LLC.

Mr. Morris’ unique experience working closely with almost every aspect of FOA’s production helps guide day to day operations. Currently, Mr. Morris is focused on business development and sales, specifically expanding FOA’s retail and 'farm to table' channels of product distribution.