Aquaculture Conferences Predict Future of Shrimp Production

Discussions at two major aquaculture conferences this month have predicted that shrimp production may double within the next decade. While aquaculture farmers worldwide are currently producing an annual total of 7 to 8 million tons of shrimp, this number is expected to reach up to 18 million tons per year by 2030.


The growth prediction echoes statements made by George Chamberlain, the Executive Director of the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Chamberlain was a featured speaker at the recent Global Outlook on Aquaculture Leadership conference held in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.

Audun Lem, head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Trade and Fishery Products division, explained that actual growth will be dependent upon a number of factors. He discussed the roles that economic development, energy prices, and the growth of China’s populations may play on shrimp production at the World Shrimp Congress.


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