FDA Refusal of Antibiotic-Contaminated Shrimp Imports on the Rise

The title of an article posted on www.shrimpalliance.com says it all: “Know Your Supplier…” The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s most recent report outlines a growing refusal of shrimp imports due to contamination by antibiotics banned in the U.S. Of 101 entry lines of seafood imports examined in October of 2014, the FDA refused 35, most of which came from shippers in Vietnam and Malaysia. Contaminated shrimp was refused throughout the U.S., from Massachusetts to Florida to Texas to California.


The data, analyzed by the Southern Shrimp Alliance, revealed October’s refusals to be a record number of the past 2 years, since 42 entry lines of imported shrimp were refused in January of 2011.

There was a general increase in the percentage of imported shrimp refused by the FDA throughout 2012 – 2013, even while overall imports were decreasing. Shrimp imports have risen 14% through September of 2014 when compared with imports from 2013, and the amount of refusals by the FDA has more than doubled.

The Southern Shrimp Alliance report credits the increase in refusals to improved regulatory actions taken by the FDA to address imported shrimp contaminated by antibiotics banned in the U.S. In fact, through October of 2014 the FDA has already refused more entry lines of shrimp contaminated with antibiotics than those refused in the past two years combined.

temp-post-imageIn contrast, shrimp farm-raised in the USA was recently awarded the “Best Choice” rating by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. Those grown in fully-recirculating systems, like Happy Healthy Shrimp, are not only verified as chemical-free, but also environmentally-beneficial and sustainably grown. For more information about “Best Choice” rated shrimp and seafood, check out our recent blog:

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