Fisheries Commission May Limit Gulf of Maine Shrimp Fishing Licenses

A dramatic decrease in shrimp stock in the Gulf of Maine may lead to new practices in shrimp fishing industry management. In order to help control stock depletion in the area, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission sets restrictions on shrimp fishing for commercial boats in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Shrimp season this past winter was closed in an effort to allow stock to replenish, but researchers remain uncertain about recovery.


The commission is now looking into a new way to limit shrimp fishing. Instead of the cap system on total catch amounts, a limited entry program may be adopted to restrict the number of licenses allocated to commercial fishermen in each state.

Commissioners estimate that if new regulations are adopted, it will take between 6 months and 2 years to create and implement the changed restrictions. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission will meet again this fall to review shrimp survey data and continue discussions regarding management practices.


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