Mrs. Sousa's Shrimp Aperitivo

This recipe, shared by the Sousa family, has been passed down through many generations. Maria Chavez Sousa was a busy mother of 5. Her recipe's easy-to-find ingredients and simple preparation made it a go-to dish. Shrimp Aperitivo remains a favored dish for the Sousas during holidays and special occasions. It helps connect the family with their matriarch and Portuguese heritage.

Savor the tasty blend of these simple ingredients, or spice up the recipe with the addition of delicious "Pimenta Moida," a typical Portugese red pepper sauce. (When using Pimenta Moida or any substitute "piquant" pepper sauce, adjust for salt content.) Modify the dish to your family's favorite flavors and create your own unique recipe!

From the Sousa family to yours, enjoy!


4 – 5 lbs. Fresh Shrimp

1 Large Onion

½ Garlic Clove

½ Cup Olive Oil


Fresh Parsley

Salt & Pepper to taste (Substitute with Pimenta Moida for a spicy kick)

Paprika (hint of flavor & color)

3 Bottles of Beer

Juice from freshly squeezed Orange


Dice onion and parsley. Slice garlic and scallions.

In a large pan, warm olive oil over medium heat. Add onion and garlic. Sauté slowly, adding pimenta moida or salt and pepper to taste. Add shrimp, slowly stirring continuously until cooked. BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERCOOK SHRIMP. Stir in orange juice and sprinkle on paprika.

In a separate pot, bring 3 bottles of beer to a boil. Add to shrimp and stir.

Garnish with green onion and parsley.