Prices Continue to Climb as EMS Affects World’s Leading Shrimp Farms

Shrimp prices have skyrocketed over the past few months, and will increase even more as international stocks continue depleting. According to Urner Barry’s White Shrimp Index, prices have already risen 56% above last year’s, putting white shrimp at $5.99 per pound. Demand in the U.S. for this tasty commodity already far outweighs the domestic supply available. Over the past ten years, Americans have consumed more shrimp than any other seafood, and the demand for healthy, delicious shrimp will only increase as supplies become more limited.


China, Thailand, and Vietnam, the world’s three largest producers of farm-raised shrimp, have all been affected by Early Mortality Syndrome, or EMS, a disease that targets young shrimp. Although determined harmless to humans, EMS works against a shrimp’s immune system by converting naturally occurring bacteria in their bodies into a toxin. Unlike Florida Organic Aquaculture’s continuously monitored, bio-secure raceways, open air shrimp farms have few measures in place to stem the flow of pollutants and stop the spread of diseases throughout their facilities. The final impact of EMS upon open air aquaculture shrimp farms is not yet known, but with a mortality rate of up to 90% and high transferability, this single disease has already made clear the inadequacy of many open air aquaculture companies to supply high quality, long-term, sustainable shrimp to consumers.

With cutting edge technology, like Florida Organic Aquaculture’s closed-loop systems and continuous water quality monitoring, we greatly reduce the potential introduction of harmful diseases to shrimp stock. Through the engineering of numerous, self-contained raceways we ensure that any natural diseases affecting our shrimp do not spread damagingly throughout the entire population, but rather are noticed and eliminated immediately and effectively. To learn more about Florida Organic Aquaculture’s industry-leading practices and technology please visit

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