Shrimp Are Scrumptious "Super Food"

We already prize shrimp for their delicious flavor, but now we have even more reason to scarf down these nutritious delights! Shrimp are one of a select few “super foods”, so designated for their many health benefits. These tasty crustaceans are low in calories, packed full of vitamins, and a fantastic source of the daily nutrients essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Although an average shrimp contains just 7 calories, one 4 oz serving of this amazing seafood supplies over 47% of your daily nutritional value of protein. Shrimp offer a delicious dietary staple for anyone looking to slim down, as they’re naturally flavorful, easy to prepare, and can be eaten on-the-go as a main dish or complementing a crisp salad. Surprisingly, a 4 oz serving of shrimp also contains over 28% of your daily nutritional value of Vitamin B12. Shrimp also provide 15% of the daily needed Omega-3 fatty acids, an important contributer to cardiovascular and nervous system health.

Shrimp also provide over 19% of your daily nutritional value of Iron. They have a high value of the nutrient Astaxanthin, a wonderful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. One 4 oz serving of shrimp even contains over 45 micrograms of Selenium, with an 80 – 85% absorption rate. Low levels of Selenium often contribute as a risk factor for heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and compromised cognitive function.

Unfortunately much of our consumer shrimp is only available via exportation from overseas, where aquaculture practices have few standards and regulations. Although shrimp themselves are healthy, they often come into contact with harmful pollutants and chemically-altering pharmaceuticals. Fortunately our community is becoming more aware of our food’s origins. Every day more families are choosing naturally grown sustainable options, like Florida Organic Aquaculture’s delectable colossal shrimp. To learn more about Florida Organic Aquaculture’s delicious shrimp please visit

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