Shrimp Prices Already on the Rise in 2014

A decrease in shrimp production around the world has led to price increases almost double those reported in 2013. Early Mortality Syndrome, or EMS, ravaged foreign shrimp stock and led to a large decline in imports, compared to previous years. This coupled with early seasonal closures for shrimp fishing within U.S. waters to vastly limit the availability of the delicious commodity.


Preliminary data from theNational Marine Fisheries Service showed that Louisiana’s shrimp harvest in particular was lower in January and February of 2014 than historic averages.

As shrimp availability decreased, demand for the tasty crustaceans remained high, leading to increased prices throughout the U.S. Large shrimp (15 or fewer per pound) sold for almost $3 more per pound than previous years, and slightly smaller shrimp (16 to 20 per pound) increased from about $4.25 per pound to $7.25 per pound.


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