USA Farm-Raised Shrimp Rated “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch

If you have met any of the staff at Florida Organic Aquaculture, you know we like to brag about our Happy Healthy Shrimp! Now, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program has given us even more to talk about…


Seafood Watch released their latest ratings, and farm-raised shrimp grown in the USA, like Happy Healthy Shrimp, are listed as “Best Choice!”

So what does this mean to seafood consumers? Basically, a “Best Choice” rating ensures that when you enjoy Happy Healthy Shrimp, you are choosing a sustainable, environmentally-friendly seafood option.

Seafood Watch examines data from government reports, journal articles, and fishery and farm experts to analyze the environmental footprint of wild caught and aquaculture food sources. Their complex rating system factors in numerous elements, including chemical use and discharge, feed composition, escape rates, energy use, and disease and mortality levels.

By combining these series of data, Seafood Watch is able to identify sustainable foods, meaning sources that can maintain or increase production without jeopardizing the structure and function of affected ecosystems.

temp-post-imageWhile all U.S. farm-raised shrimp are rated “Best Choice,” those grown in a full recirculating water system, like Happy Healthy Shrimp, are considered by the program to be the “most sustainable.”

Happy Healthy Shrimp are raised naturally, without harmful chemical additives. Because the farm is land-based and utilizes a closed-loop system, there is no waste discharge to affect the environment. Preventative measures, like closely monitored water quality, prevent the spread of disease, while our warm South Florida location ensures we utilize a minimum amount of energy. All of these factors combine to ensure that Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC is a truly environmentally beneficial, sustainable system.

We invite you to learn more about FOA’s production process by visiting To view Seafood Watch’s rating standards, click here.