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Mirzam Investor Green Card

The MIGC Regional Center was created to help foreign investors find a reputable project for their EB-5 investment. Started by Clifford Morris and his team, the MIGC Regional Center gained approval from the USCIS in July 2010. Trying to provide EB-5 investors with a unique opportunity, Mr. Morris quickly identified aquaculture as a desirable and potentially highly profitable industry for his Regional Center project, thus Florida Organic Aquaculture was born.

A World Leader in Seafood Science

Clifford Morris

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Morris has founded and served as CEO of Mirzam Holdings, Inc. and Sirius Financial Navigation. He holds a degree in the hospitality field. He works comfortably in completely transparent and highly regulated environments.

Pieter Jansen

With nearly three decades in finance, Mr. Jansen is an experienced CFO who has advised on strategic planning, operations and financial strategies to managements of a variety of companies from individual professionals to corporate holding companies.

Stuart Evans
Non-Executive Director

Stuart studied in the prestigious Panamerican Agriculture School, El Zamorano in Honduras and continued his education at the University of Florida in the field of Food and Resource Economics. Stuart has experience in project cost/benefit evaluation in agricultural and real estate.

Mahendra Patel
Non-Executive Director

Mahendra received his Bachelors Degree in Finance from Maharaja Sayajirao University in 1971. After relocating to the United States in 1973, he went earned his MBA from the University of Palm Beach. Since 1978, he has developed several real estate projects as well as motels, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Jose Manzo
Project Manager

Since graduating from UF with his second BS degree, Mr. Manzo has been involved in Aquaculture. With over 30 years experience managing aquaculture projects from top to bottom, he is the perfect project manager to tackle the FOA project.

Experienced Operations Team

Management has identified and recruited a complete team of experienced plant operators. Each currently works in a modern aquaculture facility in Florida; all have international experience and all are committed joining FOA.