Sea Asparagus

Sea Asparagus was best described by food writer Guy Diamond as offering “the thrill of a mermaid’s kiss.” With a faint salty taste and signature crunchy texture, it is quickly becoming a featured flavor in dishes around the world. You may have already heard of this tasty vegetable, which also goes by sea bean, salicornia, samphire, sea pickle, and glasswort.

Sea asparagus is a nutritious side dish or a striking garnish that grows well in an aquaculture environment. The saline water in which shrimp thrive adds a delicious salty flavor to sea asparagus, which helps maintain a thriving nutrient balance within the aquatic system.


Sea asparagus also offers much more nutritional value than the average veggie. The crunchy green is very low in calorie content as it contains virtually no fat or cholesterol.

Its stalks are rich in Vitamins A, C, B2, and B15 and offer a variety of trace elements that play a key role in our overall health. They are also a plentiful source of the unique nutrients Sulfated Polysaccharides, which produce excellent anti-inflammatory affects.