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Florida Organic Aquaculture President & Founder Clifford Morris introduces our project.

Message from Gov. Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott welcomes and thanks Florida Organic Aquaculture.

Local Government Support

Hear about the local government and their support for the Florida Organic Aquaculture project.

Computer Rendering

A computer generated rendering of the proposed Florida Organic Aquaculture site.

R&D Raceway Construction

Time lapse video of our R&D raceway construction in Fellsmere, FL, March 20-23, 2013.

FOA Groundbreaking Speeches- 4/29/2013

Clifford Morris

FOA President & Founder Clifford Morris addresses the crowd at the groundbreaking event

Ken Pruitt

Former Florida State Senate President Ken Pruitt delivers the keynote address

Jason Nunemaker

Fellsmere City Manager Jason Nunemaker details the benefits of Lpublic/private partnerships.

Teri Pinney

Teri Pinney, Executive Director of the Florida Aquaculture Foundation, explains the foundation's regional impact

Susan Adams

Fellsmere Mayor Susan Adams voices her enthusiasm over the positive economic impact the project will have.

Broadcast News Coverage

Scripps / TC Palm Interview

Cliff Morris and Jason Nunemaker are interviewed the morning of the groundbreaking.

Local News Coverage

A compilation of clips appearing on local and regional news stations after the event.

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Local & Regional Newspaper Coverage